Elvis Day By Day 2023 - Hardcover

Poplar Tunes Exclusive

The book you’ve been waiting for all year long; ‘Elvis Day by Day 2023 - The Year In Review’. Your annual wrap-up of the past Elvis year.

2023 is a year with two sides for the Elvis world as it took fans from splendour to tragedy and back. Kicking off in high gear with a Golden Globe and Oscar nomination for Baz Luhrmann’s ‘ELVIS’ movie, turning into a tragedy with the unexpected death of Elvis’ only daughter, Lisa Marie Presley.

Fortunately, 2023 brought us many entertaining and interesting book, film and music releases with Deluxe Audiophile book and CD sets on the ‘Blue Hawaii’ movie, the Madison Square Garden concerts, the 1972 tours, ‘Aloha From Hawaii’, his early SUN and RCA recordings in stereo, new movies in the cinema and more new (colored) vinyl than CD releases. All of these illustrating the splendour of Elvis’ legacy that continues to resonate with old and young fans almost 50 years after his passing.

Perhaps we even got too much, as it got harder and harder to keep up with every new title that came out in 2023. This is where ‘Elvis Day By Day 2023 - The Year In Review’ comes to the rescue. It contains the complete “2023 Elvis year” in one physical reference; all the music, movies, concerts, books, and everything else that happened in the Elvis world that is worth preserving for future generations.

The yearbook distinguishes itself by identifying the most important releases of the year, in 70+ in-depth reviews. All written by well-regarded Elvis world writers and fans like you and I, sharing their perspectives and opinions, providing both a fun and insightful read, as well as helping you to select new additions for your collection.

This 6th volume in the ‘Elvis Day by Day’ series is all you need as an entertaining and fact-finding reference on everything Elvis Presley from 2023. Well-known 'Elvis UK' author Gordon Minto wrote the foreword.

As renowned author Pål Granlund stated at the introduction of this new volume: “It’s a great book, I can tell you, I have them all”.