The book you’ve been waiting for all year long; ‘Elvis Day by Day 2023 - The Year In Review’ has been released ! Your annual wrap-up of the past Elvis year. Here are the first reactions.


Marc-Antoine Comtois wrapped it up nicely: "Fascinating, interesting, enlightening! Need I say more?". Reader Richard van Slingerland said "If you consider yourself a serious fan, you ought to have these books".

What can I say to great reactions like these two ... thank you :-)



Volume 306 of the Dutch It's Elvis Time magazine features a nice review by Eric van Rooij of the 2023 edition of 'Elvis Day By Day - The Year In Review'. 


The reviewer stated: "The book provides a valuable overview of the enormous mountain of material that is published every year about Elvis. It is a wonderful journey to go through the book. I proudly see CDs and LPs that I managed to acquire myself. And sometimes I'm terribly disappointed when I come across an issue that I missed."


Here you see where this yearbook helps you to select the richt additions for you to enjoy, or add to year collection. The additional 80+ in-depth reviews give you the background information you need.


Thanks for the kind words Eric! For more information on the fanclub, please visit >>>

Adam Greenaway wrote a nice review of the 'Elvis Day By Day 2023' yearbook on the Elvis Collectors Group on Facebook:

"Here's a 480 page book I thought I would give a try and I must say it's a pleasurable read. It's nice sometimes to have a paperback book you can just pick up when you feel like it and have a good read of a few pages.

It's well presented (great cover image and use of the colours) colourful throughout, easy to read (helps my PC worn eyes) and full of the Elvis events and releases with reviews from 2023. All the major releases are featured in more detail - Great Job!"


Thanks for the kind words Adam, much appreciated! If you want to read all about Elvis from 2023, go to for all the details, previews and option to buy the book."


Also on the Elvis Presley Collectors Group on YouTube the book was described as a "Superb Elvis Presley Year Book". Stating "Can't keep up with all the Elvis Presley events and releases these days? This book is a superb answer to that problem. Every event and release from the past year is detailed and every book, film, concert and audio release is reviewed well here.

I'm really impressed with this paperback book of 480 pages, set out in an easy to read format with colourful pages on each release. It's very well designed and very easy to pick up and read whenever you want a bit of an Elvis fix.


On LinkedIn Many Mangoes commented on the release of 'Elvis Day By Day 2023': "Discovering a book like ‘Elvis Day by Day 2023 - The Year In Review’ is like finding a treasure map to the heart of music history. It’s inspiring to see Elvis Presley's legacy vibrantly alive through the fans and authors dedicated to preserving his story. Just as Elvis left an indelible mark on the world, remember, "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." - Eleanor Roosevelt. Keep sharing the incredible stories that move and inspire us all."



The first 2024 edition of the German Golden Boy Elvis magazine will be available halfway March 2024


The 60-page magazine is once again packed with insider information and reviews by Robert Schwarzgruber on the current FTD releases 'Now In Person 1972' and 'Summer Of '76' and part 2 of Hel Rader's review of the 5-CD box-set review of 'The How Great Thou Art Sessions' (the stories of the masters). The magazine's series 'Authentic Elvis - The Style Of A King' continues with carefully researched details written by our author Petra C. Bolden wrote down and packed into a unique story. Look forward to Elvis and Nick Adams in the "Messerschmitt Kabinenroller".

An article I personally look forward to is the interview I did with Volker Christensen In which we talked about the inspiration, conception and production of my "Bible Of Elvis Fans" as Volker described it.

For more information on the magazine please visit the website >>> or >>> contact the publisher by mail.


Ed Hess did a video review of the 'Elvis Day by Day 2023' yearbook for his The King's Court YouTube channel. Have a look and find out what he has to say about the 2023 Elvis yearbook. 

U.K. author Vince Wright, who wrote the original 2023 book '8mm Elvis - The Story of Elvis On 8mm Film' wrote a short review on the 2023 edition of 'Elvis Day By Day'. 

This year, for the first time, I bought the book Day by Day (2023) by Kees Mouwen. To be honest, I only bought this one because I knew a review of my book, 8mm Elvis, would be included. I had read the review on line and was thrilled to see it in its entirety across a two page spread in this excellent book.


But that’s not all - I have found it to be an essential read reviewing many items I did not buy this year but am interested in.
Many of the “V.I.P.” entries included are ones that I had sadly missed. There are also reviews of CDs and books which had passed me by and box sets I could only dream of buying. The Lisa tribute is very fitting and the pictures are of top quality.

The layout and size of this massive book reminds me of the “Kays Catalogues” we had in the UK in ‘70s and ‘80s.


I have not read it from front to back but I love flicking through and finding hidden gems. My only criticism is that it has left me with a massive shopping list and I have the 2024 edition on the top of that list already!

For more information on '8mm Elvis' visit >>>

The talented graphic artists Alan Barbara created a very original video for 'Elvis Day By Day 2023'. Just listen to who has something to say about this new yearbook. Thank you Alan, this must be the most original Elvis promovideo out there!

To see more of Alan's work, visit his >>> Facebook or his >>> Elvis Fantasy YouTube page. 

Elvis Presley author David Ward reviewed the 2023 edition of 'Elvis Day by Day' in a new video blog. Thank you for the kind words David, much appreciated!

Inside the book you can read an interview with David and Dick Dekker on their book 'From Memphis To Tokyo - A Reference Guide To The Absolute Mastery Of Elvis' Japanese Vinyl'. A review of the book is featured too.   

I recently recorded an interview with Fred van Veen for The Memphis Flash radio show for the Extra Gold online radio station. You can listen to all four episodes, join us talking about everything Elvis Presley from 2023 and much more. The audio is Dutch only.

  1. Click >>> here to listen to the first broadcast.
  2. Click >>> here to listen to the first broadcast.
  3. Click >>> here to listen to the first broadcast
  4. Click >>> here to listen to the first broadcast. 


The book you’ve been waiting for all year long; ‘Elvis Day by Day 2023 - The Year In Review’ has been released! Your annual wrap-up of the past Elvis year.


2023 is a year with two sides for the Elvis world as it took fans from splendour to tragedy and back. Kicking off in high gear with a Golden Globe and Oscar nomination for Baz Luhrmann’s ‘ELVIS’ movie, turning into a tragedy with the unexpected death of Elvis’ only daughter, Lisa Marie Presley.


Fortunately, 2023 brought us many entertaining and interesting book, film and music releases with Deluxe Audiophile book and CD sets on the ‘Blue Hawaii’ movie, the Madison Square Garden concerts, the 1972 tours, ‘Aloha From Hawaii’, his early SUN and RCA recordings in stereo, new movies in the cinema and more new (colored) vinyl than CD releases. All of these illustrating the splendour of Elvis’ legacy that continues to resonate with old and young fans almost 50 years after his passing.


New book titles were released in digital and physical formats every week. Covering all aspects of Elvis’ life and legacy like:

  • the music in discographies of vinyl gems from Germany, Japan and the United Kingdom,
  • in-depth analysis of specific songs to the complete catalog of songs he recorded,
  • Elvis’ movies and TV Specials, up to the forgotten 8MM format on which they were released,
  • the making of the classic ‘Blue Hawaii’ movie and soundtrack and the early 1972 tours, 
  • the memoirs of his fans, girlfriends and members of his Memphis Mafia entourage
  • Elvis’ watches and airplanes, and so much more!

On television and in the cinema we got: 

  • Steve Binders documentary on his 1968 ‘Comeback Special’
  • Priscilla Presley’s self-titled movie, directed by Sofia Coppola
  • the adult-comic series ‘Agent Elvis’ on Netflix
  • documentaries on ‘Elvis’ Women’ and the ‘Evils Surrounding Elvis’
  • a cheerful Christmas Special from Graceland
  • re-edits of the ‘Aloha’ and ‘Elvis in Concert’ TV Specials and more live footage compilation showing our man performing for his fans
  • and of course many re-issues and quality upgrades of Elvis’ movies on DVD, Blu-ray and streaming platforms, showing the King in High Definition.


Musically, 2023 was a good year for vinyl enthusiasts with new releases of Elvis’ 45 RPM singles, 10 and 12-inch albums, and Deluxe multi-volume box-sets in a variety of coloured vinyl. It is safe to say that this year, we got more vinyl than silver discs! 

We finally got the definitive ‘On Tour’, ‘Madison Square Garden’, ‘Aloha From Hawaii’, ‘Blue Hawaii’ and ‘How Great Thou Art’ box-sets. Some mixed and remastered to perfection by Matt Ross-Spang and others and showing the musical splendor of Elvis’ legacy. 


Besides that fans got many previously (un)released concert recordings in better quality and newly created stereo mixes. These ‘Mono II Stereo’ mixes presented us everything from Elvis’ early SUN recordings, his hits from the fifties and sixties to the 1972 live performances in a new - and improved - way with some smashing results! 

New material is scarce, but Sony, the Follow That Dream collectors label and various bootleggers managed to unearth some new studio and live recordings for fans to enjoy 46 years after Elvis’ death in 1977. Sony even released two new official duets of Elvis with Britney Spears and Kane Brown. 

Good to see that all of Sony’s releases - and some public domain titles too - entered the charts around the world, illustrating Elvis can still challenge today’s artists on the charts. The almost 10 Silver, Gold and Multi-Platinum Awards Elvis received underline this!

Fans in the U.K. could experience ‘Elvis Live In Concert’ with the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra in several major concert arenas.  


Perhaps we even got too much, as it got harder and harder to keep up with every new title that came out in 2023. This is where ‘Elvis Day By Day 2023 - The Year In Review’ comes to the rescue. It contains the complete “2023 Elvis year” in one physical reference; all the music, movies, concerts, books, and everything else that happened in the Elvis world that is worth preserving for future generations.


The yearbook distinguishes itself by identifying the most important releases of the year, in 70+ in-depth reviews. All written by well-regarded Elvis world writers and fans like you and I, sharing their perspectives and opinions, providing both a fun and insightful read, as well as helping you to select new additions for your collection.


This 6th volume in the ‘Elvis Day by Day’ series is all you need as an entertaining and fact-finding reference on everything Elvis Presley from 2023. Well-known 'Elvis UK' author Gordon Minto wrote the foreword.


As renowned author Pål Granlund stated at the introduction of this new volume: “It’s a great book, I can tell you, I have them all”.


As Elvis author Pål Granlund stated at the introduction of this new volume: “It’s a great book, I can tell you, I have them all”.


Author and reviewer Bill Shute said about this books "Proud to say that I will have an article on the 3-CD-set 'August Season in Vegas 1974' in the forthcoming Dutch book 'Elvis Day by Day 2023'. This series is the definitive print edition of every significant release/event in the Elvis world on a daily basis for the year in question. Highly recommended."


Piers Beagley from the >>> Elvis Information Network posted: 'Elvis Day By Day 2023' is a massive book: 480 pages, 1.7kg and it looks great. I opened it for a quick look-through and it was over an hour later that my girlfriend had to ask me, "What are you looking at?" (I guess I was ignoring my gardening chores!)

The fact that Kees can be bothered to put together such an amazing index for such a timely book is very impressive. and I had forgotten that so much stuff had come out this past 12 months (good, and very bad).

It was nice meeting Pål Granlund and Sargon Franse and Robert Frieser at Bennies Fifties in The Hague, picking up my personal copy of 'Elvis Now In Person 1972'. An in-depth review of this great book will be added to 'Elvis Day by Day - The Year In Review 2023' which will be available in January 2024.

You can get the book at the >>> Bennies Fifties webshop.


Have You Heard The News?

Elvis Presley left us almost 50 years ago, yet hardly a day goes by without news on new music, book or movie release, magazine article or advertisement that still features Elvis as a reference point. 


The blog covers "everything Elvis Presley" that happens around the world since 2010. In 2020, celebrating 10 years on-line, the blog published the first physical 'Elvis Day By Day - The Year In Review' yearbook through Poplar Tunes Publishing. So far volumes on 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 have been released. The latest volume on 2023 is due January 2024, you can already pre-order it.

Elvis and poplar Tunes


Back in the fifties Elvis Presley loved to shop at the Memphis based Poplar Tunes record store and check the sales of his latest records too. It also was the first shop to sell an Elvis Presley record, the SUN release 'That's Alright Mama'. Therefor the perfect name for this Elvis Presley webshop. 

PRESERVING Elvis History


Since the mid-fifties paper newsletters and fan club magazines were the main medium to share information about 'everything Elvis Presley' every few months. Around 2000 the internet changed everything. Fan club websites, (specialized) news sites and social media became the new and 24/7 up-to-date Elvis news sources, connecting fans worldwide and 'real-time'.


Fans moved from off-line to on-line and for fan clubs it became more difficult to fill their magazines with news and up-to-date content for their subscribers. Several magazines disappeared or changed their focus from news to articles and photographs, sharing the latest Elvis news through the fan club's on-line channels.


With all that news mainly available online and in part in fan-club magazines I decided to create Elvis Presley Yearbooks. These 'Elvis Day By Day' books offer a comprehensive and illustrated chronology of ‘everything Elvis per year’ in one physical reference book. Including the good, the bad, the sad and even the news and reviews you may have missed.


The books come with additional long-reads, in-depth reviews, articles and interviews on the main releases by the author and a wide range of Elvis-experts, Elvis-authors and Elvis fans from around the world, all sharing their expert and personal opinions and perspectives on the main releases of the year.


The books feature contributions by Carlos R. Ares and Carlos Varrenti (Argentina), Piers Beagley, Nigel Patterson and Geoffrey McDonnell (Australia), Andy Pendl (Austria), Robert Gilbert (Canada), Michael Sander and Thomas D. Weiß (Germany), Rogier van Luyken (The Netherlands), Giuseppe Castiglia (United Kingdom), Phil Gelormine and Trina Young (United States) for your advice and inspiring contributions to this series. The combination of the news with your reviews and articles helped to create a more complete and more interesting year in review. Great to see Elvis still connects fans around the world!


I'm proud to say that Elvis authors Alanna Nash and Paul F. Belard wrote the foreword for the 2020 and 2018 editions, Elvis songwriter Michael Jarrett wrote the foreword for the 2021 edition and Elvis World's Elvis Expert and Fan Phil Gelormine wrote the foreword for Elvis Day By Day 2022.