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It's time to TCB, Take Care of Books! The fifth volume in the 'Elvis Day By Day - The Year In Review' yearbook series has been released as a 420-page paperback and as a 420-page Deluxe Hardcover Edition. 


Some artists fade away after they die, but not Elvis! His legacy is just as diverse as it is relevant 45 years later. This new volume holds "everything Elvis Presley" from one of the best Elvis years of the past decade, on 420 pages. Literall making it the biggest edition in the series until now! 

A special shout-out to the French Elvis fans, they will recognize these Elvis spots for sure!


From an interview with Kees Mouwen in the Memphis Flyer: “In the 'Elvis Day By Day - The Year In Review' yearbook series, I try to capture everything about Elvis Presley, day by day and year by year, because we don't always realize how quickly we forget everything that happens. Do you remember what you were doing three years ago, let alone what was happening in Elvis Presley's world three years ago?


This ‘Elvis Day By Day - The Year In Review’ book series preserves Elvis Presley's modern legacy, the future collectibles so to say. All the news, as it happened, featured all new book, music, and movie releases, including in-depth reviews of the major ones. The ‘Elvis Day By Day’ yearbook series is your Elvis Presley reference, today, tomorrow and forever.”


You only have to blink your eyes once and another year has passed. But that also means that a new yearbook will be released by Kees Mouwen, the driving force behind these books as well as his website ElvisDayByDay.com. Prior to that, he was also one of the co-founders of the well-known - but recently defunct - website ElvisNews.com.


We have previously written about Kees' yearbooks. And once again, the I had the honor to make a modest contribution to this year’s publication, so writing a review requires an objective view to inform you as honest as possible. Fortunately, Kees makes it very easy for me, because even without my contribution, this voluminous, 400+ page edition is another finger licking book. And if I may say so, this 2022 edition is the best of all Yearbooks to date.


Kees has discovered a niche in the market and with success. Because my goodness: there is so much to do every year in regard to our hero. In the news, but also in terms of the never-ending, almost swirling stream of releases in all kinds of areas. And you can now read all about it in this beautiful new book, which now deals with the year 2022.


I’ve spent hours of browsing, reading and marveling at all those releases. It does not seem to me that it is feasible for a fan to purchase all those releases in a year. I read a lot about our hero, but I also see a lot of things passing by in this book that I apparently missed and that really should still be included in the collection.


A number of releases receive a very extensive and informative review. The analysis of all released mixes of 'Aloha From Hawaii', following the FTD release, stood out for me. Very readable and beautifully designed. But besides this huge overview of 2022, this book is much more. There is a foreword by the well-known and respected Phil Gelormine (Elvis World) in the Elvis world. Bizarre and sad fact is that Phil sadly passed away recently and it is probably one of the last things he did. Phil also provided a beautiful photo to accompany his foreword, taken by himself on April 9, 1972, Hampton Roads, during the afternoon concert.


In addition to reviews, you can read interesting interviews with Mariusz Ogieglo from Poland who published his third Elvis book (translated: 'Elvis: All The King's Records') and that provides a very intriguing look at how Elvis is viewed in the former Eastern Europe. Also special: an interview with writer Gary Parker about his book: 'The Sonic Swagger of Elvis Presley - A Critical History of the Early Recordings'. In connection with the 'ELVIS' movie there is also a very good new interview with the well-known writer Alanna Nash.

So besides just a summary of what came out in 2022, this is really a book that has much more to offer. You can find and read all this and much more in a beautifully designed 'Elvis Day By Day - 2022'. And yes; Objectively speaking, I can say with confidence that this 2022 edition is highly recommended and that Kees has once again delivered a marvelous piece of work!


Thank you Rogier, I appreciate your kind words, and contribution to my book series!


More reviews on the 2022 yearbook (and previous editions) on the review page.

ABOUT THE 2022 Yearbook BOOK

Four and a half decades, that's how long it has been since the world lost Elvis Presley. After some entertainers pass away, they fade away too. Not Elvis! His legacy is just as diverse as it is relevant 45 years later.


If the memory of his greatness and uniqueness as a musical artist has slightly faded over the past years, the stunning No. 1 Hollywood blockbuster 'ELVIS', starring Austin Butler as the man himself and Oscar-winner Tom Hanks as his manager Colonel Tom Parker, is a powerful reminder of what an unmatched giant musical and showbiz force he was - and continues to be. And did you hear the soundtrack for the 2022 biopic? Elvis, side-by-side with contemporary artists, really rocked! Confirming once more that his life and legacy still influence pop culture today.

But there was more that made 2022 another great Elvis year. After 50 years we finally got all the concerts from 'Elvis On Tour', remastered and remixed to perfection by audio-engineer Matt Ross-Spang, just like he did with the 'Aloha from Hawaii' album. From the Follow that Dream collectors label we got the ‘Lost Album Sessions’, new concerts and vinyl re-issues. Official and bootleg labels treated us with many new titles containing new concert performances or alternate recordings, while others offered us newly created stereo mixes. Also hot this year was fan shot 8mm concert footage, especially the combination of remastered concert on CD with the live footage included on DVD proved to be a favorite among fans.

The ’Elvis Day By Day 2022’ yearbook covers all the movie released on DVD and Blu-ray, new music releases on CD, vinyl, cassette-tape and digital platforms. Also included are books from all corners of the world on his all aspects of his life, faith, the SUN recordings, the German and U.K. and LP catalogues, the marketing of his first movies, his cars, planes, pilot and much more.

Added to all the news, this 2022 yearbook contains 55 reviews on all the important releases, including the year’s Top 10 must-have releases and warnings which ones to stay-away from and an in-depth interview with renowned Elvis-author Alanna Nash, talking about Colonel Parker and the 2022 biopic and more. Yes, Elvis still matters today, and with this 5th volume in the series - over 70 pages bigger than the 2021 edition! - you hold the proof in your hands.


The foreword is written by Elvis World's Phil Gelormine.


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As the price of shipping increased after Covid-19, the paperback version is also available through Amazom: 

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Have You Heard The News?

Elvis Presley left us 45 years ago, yet hardly a day goes by without news on new music, book or movie release, magazine article or advertisement that still features Elvis as a reference point. 


The www.ElvisDayByDay.com blog covers "everything Elvis Presley" that happens around the world since 2010. In 2020, celebrating 10 years on-line, the blog published the first physical 'Elvis Day By Day - The Year In Review' yearbook through Poplar Tunes Publishing. So far volumes on 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 have been released. The latest volume on 2022 was released January 2023. All books are available as paperback and as hardcover editions.



Poplar Tunes Publishing announced the January 2023 release of volume 5 in the 'Elvis Day By Day - The Year In Review' series. This new edition covers everything Elvis Presley from 2022 on almost 400 pages.


What a great year it was for Elvis fans with Baz Luhrmann's 'ELVIS' #1 movie and soundtrack putting Elvis back in the spotlight. Add to that the 50th Anniversary release of 'On Tour', FTD's 'Aloha', classic hits, albums, concerts and alternate takes in mono, stereo and HD-quality on CD, vinyl, DVD and 4K Ultra HD discs. Interesting books on Elvis' musical catalogue, the SUN years, airplanes, pilot, manager, cars, jewelry, concert tours and much more. 'Elvis Day By Day 2022' contains it all, with a foreword by Elvis World's Phil Gelormine. 


Literally, a great addition your Elvis library, available January 2023.


More information on this site real soon! If you want to reserve a signed copy, drop me a line through the contact page. 



When I was in Memphis a long time ago, I picked up a copy of the Memphis Voyager I never would have thought that one day the The Memphis Voyager would feature an interview with me on the story behind my Elvis Day By Day blog and Elvis Yearbooks. #proud!


You can read the story on the >>> Memphis Voyager website

Elvis and poplar Tunes


Back in the fifties Elvis Presley loved to shop at the Memphis based Poplar Tunes record store, and check the sales of his latest records too. It also was the first shop to sell an Elvis Presley record, the SUN release 'That's Alright Mama'. Here you see Elvis with WHBQ deejay Dewey Phillips - the first DJ to play an Elvis record - and co-founder of Poplar Tunes, Joe Coughi.

PRESERVING Elvis History


Since the mid-fifties paper newsletters and fan club magazines were the main medium to share information about 'everything Elvis Presley' every few months. Around 2000 the internet changed everything. Fan club websites, (specialized) news sites and social media became the new and 24/7 up-to-date Elvis news sources, connecting fans worldwide and 'real-time'.


Fans moved from off-line to on-line and for fan clubs it became more difficult to fill their magazines with news and up-to-date content for their subscribers. Several magazines disappeared or changed their focus from news to articles and photographs, sharing the latest Elvis news through the fan club's on-line channels.


With all that news mainly available online and in part in fan-club magazines I decided to create Elvis Presley Yearbooks. These 'Elvis Day By Day' books offer a comprehensive and illustrated chronology of ‘everything Elvis per year’ in one physical reference book. Including the good, the bad, the sad and even the news and reviews you may have missed.


The books come with additional long-reads, in-depth reviews, articles and interviews on the main releases by the author and a wide range of Elvis-experts, Elvis-authors and Elvis fans from around the world, all sharing their expert and personal opinions and perspectives on the main releases of the year.


The books feature contributions by Carlos R. Ares and Carlos Varrenti (Argentina), Piers Beagley, Nigel Patterson and Geoffrey McDonnell (Australia), Andy Pendl (Austria), Robert Gilbert (Canada), Michael Sander and Thomas D. Weiß (Germany), Rogier van Luyken (The Netherlands), Giuseppe Castiglia (United Kingdom), Phil Gelormine and Trina Young (United States) for your advice and inspiring contributions to this series. The combination of the news with your reviews and articles helped to create a more complete and more interesting year in review. Great to see Elvis still connects fans around the world!


I'm proud to say that Elvis authors Alanna Nash and Paul F. Belard wrote the foreword for the 2020 and 2018 editions, Elvis songwriter Michael Jarrett wrote the foreword for the 2021 edition and Elvis World's Elvis Expert and Fan Phil Gelormine wrote the foreword for Elvis Day By Day 2022.